I called chill out, not knowing much about radiant heat. The friendly sales staff helped me understand the difference between chill out and the other systems I was used to seeing on line. I bought it and installed it myself just ahead of the tile installation. It was easy, and the best thing I bought for the bathroom.

Will kieber, Metuchen NJ

Where was this product when I did my kitchen? I installed in my master bath and I recommend it to anyone who is thinking about renovating.
You can’t beat warm feet!

Jean koslowski, colts neck NJ

I’m a contractor by trade and I always knew radiant heat was great for the master bath, but what I didn’t know was how easy it could be to install. Chill out has taken floor warming to the next level and at the right price.

Mark Sandburg, Brooklyn NY

As a high end bath and kitchen remodeler I can now offer radiant heat with every job.

Jon Destefano, Quality remodeling. NJ

We installed this in a bathroom about 5 years ago and it is still working great today! Getting ready to redo another bath and put tile down in a home office, and will be ordering systems for both of these rooms.

Larry McDonald, Hudson NY

Easy to install. Never a problem!

Jim Larson, Boston MA