Radiant Floor Heating Mercer County

Radiant Floor Heating in Mercer County New Jersey

What is “Chill Out” Radiant Heat? How safe is the product?

floor heating Mercer countyChill Out Radiant Heat is a strong, but flexible, thin plastic heating mat. It is created with an innovative polymer blend that heats when electricity travels through the material. Unlike other similar types of floor heating, Chill Out has the unique ability to self-regulate. Therefor, the product is designs so that it cannot overheat. Chill Out also operates on a low voltage and is connected to a 24 volt transformer.

In order to provide power continuously along its length, a flat bus braid is embedded in the plastic sheet heater along each edge. When continuously energized, our system is energy efficient, allowing the self-regulating nature of the heating elements to control the floor temperature.

Chill Out is safe and ideally suited for bathrooms and other wet environments.

Because Chill Out is a polymer product, it is unaffected by moisture. Chill Out is a low voltage system (24V), and has met stringent international TUV listing protocol.

Advantages of Using Chillout’s Radiant Floor Heating System

  • Chill Out doesn’t require an expensive thermostat or floor sensors. The Chill Out mat self-regulates to the perfect floor temperature.
  • Chill Out uses less than half the electricity than conventional wire products need to warm the same size floor.
  • In small bathrooms, conventional wire systems use same amount of electricity as three 100 watt bulbs vs. only one for Chill Out.
  • Chill Out is a durable carbon mat, not a copper wire system. It will not fail even after years of use.
  • Chill Out comes in a roll that can be cut on site to adjust for floor size and layout.
  • Self-Regulating: because the steam coming from the shower is at 96 degrees, it shuts down the thermostat on conventional floor heating systems, which means the floor gets cold. For this reason bathrooms should never use thermostats to control floor temperature. Chill Out doesn’t need a thermostat to maintain the perfect floor temperature.
  • Conventional wire systems require a thermostat to prevent overheating, which is not an issue when you choose Chill Out.

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