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How to get started:

Option 1

To receive a custom quote simply enter your email and attach a floor plan of the area you would like to heat in the section below
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Option 2

Simply go to our products page and pick out the kit that best matches your project. Remember that Chill-Out is usually shipped to you in a single roll and can then be cut down to whatever size pieces you need to fit your project, so don’t worry if you don’t see your exact layout in the product pictures.

Option 3

If you aren’t familiar with our product yet, just give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you with the entire process right over the phone.



Chill Out is the most efficient floor heating system on the market today. The plastic is electrically conductive and because of resistance in the material, heat develops. Most important, the element is self-regulating, which means that when the ambient temperature increases, the electrical resistance increases and the consumption of electricity decreases.

For these reasons the heating element is safe, cannot overheat and is very energy efficient. The flat P.T.C. heating element will warm your floor area using less than half the electricity that conventional copper wire systems use. Chill Out can be used under any flooring material without causing expansion.

In addition to being remarkably energy efficient, Chill Out also self-regulates. That means it can’t over heat the room or floor and doesn’t require a thermostat. Chill Out is a 24 volt system, which means it’s safe for all applications; the transformer plugs into any 120 volt outlet! Our 13.5″ wide mats cover 60% of the open floor area (wire products cover only 2% of the floor area requiring a much higher running temperature).

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What to expect?

  • 20 year warranty for complete peace of mind
  • The thinnest floor heating system on the market
  • Easy installation & extensive installer support
  • Superior, even heat distribution

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